Can You Make Money From A Homestead?

| 2/20/2015 8:40:00 AM

Jaymie Pierce 

There are varying opinions on making money from a small homestead. I have heard a lot of people ask this question, as we did in the beginning, “Can you make money from a homestead?”

 Our Farm

For our family, we don't make a profit with our homestead. We call our place a hobby farm because that is exactly what it is to us, a hobby. We would love to earn our livelihood by using our land and bringing in income from different farming sources, but that isn't feasible for us at the moment. I dream of roadside vegetable stands and people gathered around five deep at our farmers' market table. However, that is just a dream right now. We spend much more than we earn on our farm and we are thankful that we have outside income that sustains our hobby. The one benefit that a small hobby farm or homestead can offer is self-reliance.

I know there are farms that do make a profit and earn their keep by using their land and marketing their products. I am in awe of their abilities and the way they make their dreams come true. Farming is hard work and it's not for the meek. It's ever changing and you have to go with the flow. You get dirty and spend a lot of time around bugs and animal poop. This lifestyle may not be for everyone. Although, for us, it's the perfect life.

The best way to start earning money from your homestead is to create a plan. You have to know how to utilize your land and how much money you need to earn. If you are like us, making a few dollars helps offset the cost of feed and it is exhilarating. I get very excited when I make a couple of dollars and it makes me feel proud of my hard work. You may need to earn a living or are looking to supplement retirement or even have aspirations of taking over the farming world. I know exactly how that feels, I feel that way too when I'm watching my chickens and daydreaming about our farm. You have to have a plan and set goals to works toward, and then you know where you are headed and what you need to do to earn money.