The Fatted Pig

| 6/19/2017 3:16:00 PM

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Farm life has many advantages. Butchering fresh, homegrown meat is just one of them. Recently we butchered one of the pigs we bought last fall. We always buy two pigs, so they can keep each other company and so we can have plenty of meat to get us through the year and to share with family and friends.

Our pigs are raised on corn mash, pasture grass, organic material from the garden, and my occasional attempts at making dessert. We take them to a very good butcher where they are killed humanely and processed for us according to our specifications.

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When I was a child, we did our own butchering. It was a big event every fall because we needed cold weather to cure the meat so we wouldn't have to deal with flies. Daddy would shoot the hog in the head for an immediate death, then hoist him up by the hind feet on a massive frame with a pulley (it looked sort of like a doorframe made of huge solid posts). After the pig bled out, Daddy would take a torch and burn off all the hair from the skin. After he skinned it, Granny was waiting to start cleaning the skin inside and out so it could be cut up and later roasted to make "cracklings" (the better version of the pig skin chips in stores).