Immigrant Loved Old World and Elvis Presley Songs

America offered different culture and lifestyle than Budapest, Hungary.

| Good Old Days

The Bokrovits family came from Budapest, Hungary, in the 1950s. They were partially sponsored by the Presbyterian church.

They all worked hard in the Midwest and eventually prospered. The grandfather was not comfortable speaking English his favorite form of expression was his violin. The music was heartwarming-especially to a family so far from its roots.

Ida, the mother, had an Old-World style love of beautiful things. Surprisingly, she also fell in love with Elvis Presley and his music. So, along with gilded mirrors, lace, and crystal, she had Elvis Presley records

Perhaps Ida also admired the way Elvis loved his mother. The two teenaged Bokrovits sons remembered learning English.

The Presbyterian sponsoring family would touch the door and say "door." Bit by bit the boys learned English, while their mother cleaned the house, cooked, or helped out in the home.

Louis was the older of the two sons and enjoyed track in high school. Life was good, but Louis always remembered being in concentration camps as a youngster, and there were certain foods he would not eat. At least one family member died as a result of the camps.

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