Little Girl Becomes Indian Captive and Escapes

As an Indian captive, youngster bides her time before heading east to freedom.

| Good Old Days

This story of an Indian captive has been handed down in my husband's family for years. It is about the miraculous escape from death at the hands of the Indians of the little girl who became my husband's great-grandmother.

The pioneer family lived in a sparsely settled country where roving bands of Indians often stole stock and food. Supplies were low, and the father knew he must leave his family and make the long trip to the nearest town for groceries.

Even though he pushed the team hard all day, it was a long day's journey. The heavily loaded wagon was even slower on the return trip. It was very late the second night when he returned.

To his horror, he saw that where his cabin had stood now lay only a pile of glowing embers. He ran here and there frantically calling for his wife and children. One by one, he discovered the bodies of his wife and boys, cruelly murdered with their scalp locks torn away. The Indians had found his home unguarded, had burned and murdered, and had driven his horses and cattle away.

A long, tedious search revealed no sign of his two little girls. So, as dawn broke, revealing the trail the Indians had taken, a broken-hearted father started out to try to find some trace of his two missing children. One of the little girls had fought and cried until she became such a nuisance that the Indians killed and scalped her before her sister's frightened gaze. They threw her body beside the trail where her father later found it.

The other little girl wisely went along, putting up no resistance and biding her time. They traveled all that day and part of the night and then stopped for a short rest. The next day they pushed on, and the Indians became wary about covering their trail. After the second day's travel, they were very tired and stopped to sleep. One Indian was set to watch, and the others soon were fast asleep.

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