Great-Uncle Louie Shot Member of Jesse James Gang

Even though no one believed him at first, one Lawrence, Kansas homestead proves a crack shot as he hit a Jesse James gang member at a great distance.

| Good Old Days

Great-uncle Louie always took his rifle with him when he rode out on horseback. One day when he was riding along the Kansas River west of Lawrence, Kansas, a short distance from his home, a shot was fired at him. He raised his rifle and returned fire. He suspected he had hit someone, but he did not wait to see. Instead he headed for town to notify the sheriff.

On the road he met a posse and the sheriff riding in search of members of the Jesse James gang who had broken out of jail.

Uncle told the sheriff his story and led him to a little peninsula made by the curve of the river where the exchange of shots had taken place.

The sheriff was unbelieving when Louie told him he had wounded a man.

"Louie," he said, "you could never hit a man at that distance. I could go over there and stand by that log and let you shoot at me all day, and you'd never hit me."

The sheriff's posse rode to the peninsula and there they found the cornered fugitives. One of them had been shot.

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