Kansas Homestead Family Survived Snow Storms

Kansas homestead family's tent came down because of a snow storm on the very first night, but they were resilient.

| Good Old Days

We unloaded on a piece of ground where nothing but tall grass was growing when we arrived at our Wallace County, Kansas homestead. My father, mother and oldest brother put up a tent which was to be a temporary home for the seven of us.

Lacking any other fuel, Father gathered cow chips for cooking our first meal.

In the night it stormed and snowed. Our tent fell down. Although Father fixed it, he knew we couldn't stay there. He walked several miles to a house, and the people there asked Mother and my baby brother and me (I was eight) to stay with them. They came for us in a wagon and we waited in their home two days for the storm to pass. My father and other brothers stayed with a man who lived by himself. When the weather was clear we went back to the tent.

A small house, a single room only 6 by 6 feet, was finished in April, and we lived there through the summer, until we had a larger sod house.

Another brother, who came when I was 10 years old, was born in the time of a storm. Father sent one of the older boys to a neighbor's house to ask for help, and the woman there walked two-and-a-half miles to come to us. She did the work of a nurse and a doctor, with my father's help. I was called to get up in the night to find clothes for the new baby.

Alice Hale 
Seymour, Missouri

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