Kansas Homestead Settlers Nearly Left When Faced With First Tornado

Solomon Smith, on his Kansas homestead, nearly gave up and headed back east, except for his wife's courage!

| Good Old Days

Solomon Smith and his wife, Sophia, arriving in Kansas in 1872, stopped in Salina, a 14-year-old hamlet with about 1,200 persons. The Smiths rented a little board shanty there for $20 a month.

One day Solomon walked out to look at land, so different from that in his native Maryland. Returning home that evening, he saw rolling in from the southwest the biggest, blackest cloud he had ever seen. Never had he viewed a cloud like that one; he knew the end was at hand!

He raced home, demanding that the trunks be brought out and packed for immediate flight. He was leaving for Maryland.

Sophia remained calm. "No," was her response.

And so Solomon Smith sat out his first Kansas tornado. He frequently gave credit to Sophia for having greater courage than he did.

Rewritten from an article in the Salina Advertiser-Sun, submitted by Solomon Smith's great-granddaughter. 

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