Woman Envisions Laundry Machine

Woman envisions laundry machine to wash, dry, iron and fold clothes.

| January/February 2012

When I was a young wife and mother, there were many things that needed done around the house, and I often wished there was a way to make those things less time-consuming. However, wishing didn’t make it so.

Each time I had an idea about how I could invent something to get the job done quicker, I didn’t have the brainpower to actually make it happen.

Ideas for inventions seem silly now

Doing laundry was one chore for which I had an idea. I thought it would be nice to have disposable clothes. If they could be made cheap enough, then everyone would be able to afford them.

That idea, which seems silly now, soon faded and was replaced by another. My new idea was to create a laundry machine that would wash, dry, iron and fold articles of clothing.

In my mind, I saw it like this. I would put the clothes in the laundry machine and turn it on. When it was done, I would open it, and all the laundry would be clean and folded and ready to be put away. And while the laundry and ironing machine was running, I would have time to do the cooking and cleaning.

It sounds insane, doesn’t it?

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