Learning How to Fish Hooks Parents

After learning how to fish, a family develops a passionate fishing hobby.

| May/June 2012

  • Large Northern Pike
    A large northern pike is a fish worth catching.

  • Large Northern Pike

Nobody in my family fished. But in The Hardy Boys, my favorite book series as a young girl, Frank and Joe Hardy and their friend Chet fished, and it sounded like fun. So I decided I had to find a way to go fishing.

I began asking Dad to take me, but since he had never fished, he didn’t have the equipment. And since he farmed and raised hogs, he didn’t have the time. But most of all, he didn’t have the interest.

I was persistent, though, and began pestering both of my parents. Finally, Mom said she would figure out the equipment needed if Dad would take me fishing one time. They assumed I wouldn’t catch any fish and wouldn’t want to go again.

Mom cut long sticks from a tree to use as poles, then formed hooks by bending safety pins and tying them to cotton string, which she tied to the sticks.

Learning how to fish

Dad chose a bridge on a country road that had a creek running under it, saying we wouldn’t be in anyone’s way there. But he actually figured there wouldn’t be any fish in the creek, making our trip unsuccessful, so he could go home.

We baited our hooks and dropped them over the bridge into the creek. Then we waited. It wasn’t long until Dad decided we should eat the lunch Mom had packed. While we ate, we waited for a bite — but nothing. Mom and Dad were right; I was antsy, wishing I would catch a fish.

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