Leaving Quebec, Canada, Provided Great Opportunity for Woman

Love at first sight for young couple changed the course of their lives.

| Good Old Days

Although Canada is an adjoining country to America, people who lived there in the 1800s were, as a rule, British subjects.

In 1861, when my Grandmother Catherine was 16, she made a trip to Iowa to visit her aunt. She planned to visit for about a month.

She liked northeast Iowa and dreaded thinking about going back to Quebec, where she and her sisters had to do the farming. Her father had died and her young brother was forced to serve in the military. One of her sisters, Winnifred, was slowly losing her sight.

Her visit was a happy one. She enjoyed the Iowa neighbors and at a house party, she met 22-year-old Jerremiah. He had come from the state of New York, where his family was woolen mills people. Iowa was strange to him, but he had relatives in the area, and of course, there was Catherine.

It seemed that the age-old adage, "love at first sight" had taken place. A whirlwind courtship ensued and they planned to be wed at the little country church known as Paint Rock.

Catherine's aunt and uncle were delighted that she could stay, and they told them of a 100-acre farm on which they could lay claim. However, there were no buildings on this fine and fertile land.

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