Letters to the Editor from the Early Spring 2016 Issue

Readers share a DIY project, and a correction from the Fall 2015 issue of Capper’s Farmer magazine.

| Early Spring 2016

Dutch oven

The Dutch oven shed in progress, with three of the four sides up, and the roof partially finished.

Photo by Juneanne Gergen

DIY Storage Shed

I am an avid creator, but not so great at drawing things out. Ideas come to me, and are created right out of my mind. I measure and tweak as I go.

I had some old doors that I’d collected and had been saving for just the right project(s). When we needed a storage area for my husband’s extensive Dutch oven collection, I looked over at the doors, which were propped up against my workshop, and the Dutch oven shed idea was born.

Knowing I needed a solid, water-resistant foundation, I started by building a tall form, and pouring a concrete slab equal to the finished perimeter of the structure, which I figured by measuring each door and adding a little space to each side. I didn’t want the doors to be attached to each other, but rather to be framed, with the frames attached at the corners. And I wanted a solid roof.

I love building with reclaimed materials, and mixing old and new, but you have to be flexible when you do this. It’s hard to work from a set of plans.

Once the four doors were framed, the frames were connected to form the building, and then the roof was added. The door that opens and closes had a broken window, so I replaced it with plexiglass. Then I added window decals, and drew lines connecting them, to make it look like leaded glass. Next, I frosted the entire thing – and you can’t tell that it’s not leaded glass.

Juneanne Gergen
Boise, Idaho

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