Civil War Stories: Marching Past Lincoln

Union troops falter during maneuvers for Lincoln during the Civil War.

| Good Old Days

During the Civil War, my husband's grandfather was among the soldiers who enlisted in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Grandfather Chartier used to tell us about battles he was in and other interesting stories of Army life. Among them was the time he saw Lincoln.

The Army recruits camped and drilled on General Lee's land across the river from Washington. General Lee's home was the headquarters for the officials.

On the day President Lincoln and other high officials came to review the troops, the men were marched in front of the reviewing stand. Just as they were going by in good order, someone tripped a man in the ranks – there was a wild scramble; then the men were sent back to reform their ranks.

Everything went well till another man knocked this same man's hat off. He stooped to get it and several more stumbled over him and fell. All got up and righted themselves and the company marched on by. They were ordered to the front that night.

Grandfather Chartier lost a foot in the assault on Petersburgh and later was fitted with a wooden leg.

Mrs. Joe Chartier
La Puente, California

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