The Mystic Medicine Show on the Homestead

Medicine show included an old post World War I song long since forgotten.

| Good Old Days

A medicine show came to our town often in a wagon with gaudy painted sides and a back that let down to form a stage. The medicine man always had entertainers who sang, danced and played musical instruments, but all he did was hawk his wares. He always put on a good spiel; his medicine, he suggested, would make one feel young again, as well as cure almost any ailment the men and women of his audience might be suffering from.

The flickering torches lit up the scenery in the black night and made everything unreal and spectacular, coloring the wagon and the entertainers with an eerie glow.

I remember going to one show night after night to hear the girl entertainer sing. She sang a song that went with the times, for this was after World War I, and it began like this:

"Sweet Marie, wait for me, in a side street in old Paree, In the heart of Montmartre, don't forget about me, cherie."

Following the chorus, she recited a verse and then sang another chorus.

I was 12 or 13 years old then and I still remember the words and the tune. I have often wondered where the song originated and who wrote it. I've never heard it since that time.

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