Hard Work on a Missouri Homestead

Husband and wife worked extremely hard to make it on Missouri homestead.

| Good Old Days

My grandparents came from White County, Tennessee, to Texas County, Missouri, in 1871. Grandfather built a log cabin with a fireplace where Grandmother cooked their meals for 14 years. Grandfather made the furniture: beds, table, chairs, cupboards, wardrobe for clothing, and a stand table which I still have.

They raised sheep, sheared them, picked burrs and trash from the wool, washed it, carded it, spun it, and wove it into cloth for clothing and blankets. They raised cotton and flax to make into cloth. Grandmother did lots of knitting for her family, making socks, mittens and sweaters.

The big peach and apple orchard yielded quantities of fruit, much of which Grandmother dried. Fruit sold at 10 cents a bushel, pick-it-yourself.

For light the family first used a saucer of grease with a twisted rag for a wick. Then came candles, homemade, and then a brass lamp that burned kerosene.

I still wonder how they did so much work. 

Mrs. Chester Jones
Houston, Missouri

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