Depression Era: Saving the Molasses

Missouri woman recalls how nothing was wasted during the depression era, not even spilled molasses

| Good Old Days

I was born in 1929, the depression era, the baby girl in a family of seven brothers. I was the last, 'cause how in the world could they feed another mouth?

Our meat dishes were fish, squirrel and rabbit. Early on we didn't sacrifice our laying hens because we needed those for eggs.

A rooster was more apt to get in the pot. Sometimes he was old enough to be tough.

One year, to our great appreciation, we had a seven-gallon can of molasses, which might be a winter's supply and a valued food commodity. One of my brothers scampering up to get into the attic stepped on the lid of the molasses can. The lid slipped and down went his foot into the molasses.

Did we eat the valued molasses that winter? Of course. We lost very little molasses after the foot was removed.

Loraine Sands
Lockwood, Missouri

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