More Joys of Summer

More stories from readers about what they enjoy most about summer.

| May/June 2010

Gardens and Farmer’s Markets

My husband, John, and I have greatly enjoyed the last seven summers – our retirement years – for different reasons.

John enjoys getting outside and planting a garden as soon as possible. He works long hours getting the soil ready, but when summer arrives, we know it was all worth it.

One year, our strawberries were especially large, and the birds kept helping themselves, so we purchased green netting and put it around the strawberry patch. The result was the biggest strawberries we’d ever seen. They were luscious and juicy – and huge!

Through the years, John has planted tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, onion and more. During good years, he saves some of his vegetables and enters them at the Kansas State Fair, and we usually come home with a lot of ribbons.

There is no way we can eat all the vegetables John grows, so we take some to the local Farmer’s Market. This is the part I enjoy during the summer months. The market is full of interesting people. We’ve met many people from different states and even countries, including a college professor from Russia. We’ve also met people we knew when we were children.

Our local Farmer’s Market has grown, and we often feature live musical entertainment. The folks who play at the market sing lots of old, familiar songs, and it gives the market-goers a sense of the simple charm of the olden days.

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