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| November/December 2010

Quiet Christmas Spent Remembering Real Reason for Celebration

The turkey was stuffed and in the refrigerator, the salads were mixed, the vegetables were prepared for the relish tray, and the table was set. Everything was ready for tomorrow’s gathering of the family for a traditional Christmas celebration.  

The weatherman forecast a large accumulation of snow with possible strong winds, and one look through the window gave me every indication that he was right. The snow was piling up on the driveway, there were drifts against the garage door, the steps into the house were covered, and the door was blocked. 

Late in the afternoon it was announced on the radio that all Christmas Eve church services had been canceled. However, I thought perhaps the storm would subside during the night, and Christmas Day would arrive with sunshine and settled winds. But that didn’t happen. 

On Christmas morning, the sky was full of falling snowflakes, and it became clear to me that there was no need to roast the turkey. Our Christmas celebration would have to be postponed. There was nothing I could do but cancel our gathering. 

Alone, I plopped into a chair by the window and looked outside. What a lovely landscape it was. The pristine snow lay untouched, topping the railings, fence posts and roofs. The streets were covered as well. Suddenly, I wondered, is this God’s way of telling all of us to slow down and take time to remember the real reason for the Christmas celebration? And that’s just what I did! 


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