Second World War: Sniper Got My Buddy

A sniper got my buddy in Normandy during the Second World War. Veteran's tale related by an Oklahoman woman.

| Good Old Days

I want to tell you something a veteran of the Second World War told me. 

"I never thought I could deliberately kill a defenseless human being," he said, "but that was before a sniper got my buddy in Normandy."

"My buddy was just a young kid. He had gotten off on the wrong foot when he first came to the Army and had been court-martialed several times back in the States. One day I went to the C.O. and told him that everyone was down on the kid and just watching for him to do something else wrong. That was why he was still in trouble all the time.

"If you'll just see that he is given a chance," he said, "I think he'll make a good soldier yet!"

"All right," said the C.O. "He is probationed to your care. See what you can do with him."

"Sure enough, the kid straightened out and finally became one of the most respected men in the company. Realizing that I had helped him to get a break, he couldn't do enough for me. We became as brothers.

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