My First Ghost Hunt

| 6/28/2012 7:53:00 AM

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My Field TripTwo of my girlfriends decided it was time to get me out of the house. If it were the eighties they would have taken me to Bingo, but being that one of my friends is a professional ghost hunter they decided to take me on an investigation. 

We went to one of the remaining buildings on the old State Hospital grounds. My friend, Cheryl, the ghost hunter is from out of town so we didn’t have the contacts for permission to go inside. Instead we walked around the outside and took photos of the windows. That was fine with me. It was a lovely afternoon, the weather was perfect and there were plenty of birds in the trees just singing up a storm. I dutifully walked, pointed my camera at the windows and took photos; secretly hoping that no one would peer out from inside. I’m not sure how I feel about ghosts.

I believe there are such things as ghosts, because I believe that we are spirits when we pass over, but I have trouble believing that they just hang around waiting for someone to come visit and take their pictures.  I like watching them on TV and gape open-mouthed when the investigators capture recordings or video of their actions. 

Here are some of my photos.  

outside of state hospital building 

Do you see anything in the windows?  Perhaps, it is the breaking of sunlight by tree branches creating shadows.  Perhaps, it is a lost soul peering out for the camera.

7/1/2012 1:43:44 AM

Susan, the ghost buster. Who ya gona call? Just kidding. I have my own opinion about spooky stuff and I agree that we are spiritual beings with an after life. I don't think we hang out in old buildings and such. It is indeed interesting investigating a realm that's different from ours. I always thought it interesting that cameras would show things that our eyes couldn't see. What's up with that? Have a great ghost investigator day.

Mary Carton
6/30/2012 4:25:21 AM

I didn't believe in ghosts until I moved back to the farm and built a house on what turns out was the home of one of my great, great grandfathers who taught at the Belle Mont plantation. One of my dogs will sit and stare for hours and I'll go up behind her and take a picture in the direction she is staring. A lot of times, it's a man with a wide brim hat standing beside a horse. I finally realized it was a great uncle that I recently found out about killed in WWI, the family had forgotten about.. I have his story at this link: there's a lady in a feed sack dress I've seen when I've been out working in the yard too much and I've heard her once ask where are you at? October was the battle of Tuscumbia, and you can smell gun powder and hear cannons.

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