Colorado Homestead Old Home Remedies With Grandma

Grandma was known for her Colorado homestead old home remedies of the medical sort.

| Good Old Days

Colds, burns, earaches – we had them all when we lived on that Colorado homestead. Grandma often treated our ailments with a little good old-fashioned Colorado homestead old home remedies of the medical sort.

For chest colds, the cure was skunk grease. Grandma fried the fat of skunks my uncle hunted and skinned, and she rubbed the stuff generously on the chest and topped it with a warm flannel cloth.

Sometimes the treatment was a mustard plaster. More than once a bit of my skin came off with the plaster.

For coughs, we took a teaspoon of kerosene and sugar.

Flaxseed poultices were used for infections and slivers in the hands.

A hot baked potato was cut open and placed over my aching ear. I lay on it and let the steam help relieve the pain.

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