The Old Bruno School

| 12/1/2017 8:44:00 AM

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The Saturday after Thanksgiving was such a beautiful day that Greg and I decided to take a ramble with the camera. We wound up just a mile from home at the Old Bruno School, a place that is very dear to my heart.

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Bruno used to boast of two one-room schoolhouses on either side of the Hampton creek. But in 1920 it was decided that there should be only one school for the area, and land was purchased from Mr. Ezekiel Adkins and a new school began. Bruno was the first Vocational Agricultural school west of the Mississippi River and the first accredited four year high school in Marion County. They began the first chapter of the Lincoln FFA. My father went to school there from first grade to graduation, and was a member of the FFA.

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The elementary building was divided into four rooms. Three classrooms and a library. Each of the classrooms had one teacher who taught two grades. There was a playground to the side, which later held a slide, swing set, and a merry-go-round which my father helped to build.

12/3/2017 6:43:01 AM

Leah, you have a fascinating style of writing. I was drawn into the memories of your school years which sparked my own memories of my many schools that I attended. I started life with a grade school on an Indian reservation. I'm 100% European and was very much a minority at the school but really didn't know it. Then two years were spent at a one room country school; two years at a city elementary school; a year at one middle school and two more years at another due to boundary changes; and lastly three years at high school. Each school has memories just as each generation of your school does. School years can be some of the best years of life or the worst years of life. Mine as yours have turn out to some of the best. **** I'd be interested in reading your book when it's published. ***** Nebraska Dave

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