Teacher of One-Room Schoolhouse Was Wonderful

Student considered schoolhouse teacher a miracle worker.

| Good Old Days

The teacher of my first one-room schoolhouse was a miracle worker and a wonderful woman.

The schoolhouse was approximately 16 x 24 ft., made of native stone, with the "2 holer" outhouses out by the back fence ¬the boys as far to the left and the girls as far to the right as possible. Each with its protective panel guarding the doors so no one could see inside when the door was opened.

The school set on approximately one acre of ground with cattle pasture on three sides. On this acre, besides the school and the outhouses, were the school well, a swing set, teeter totter, slide and softball field. Still there was room for marble games, jacks games, little boys digging, and running games and jump ropes.

This school had one teacher and 36 children. The teacher was a miracle worker because the school did not provide a kindergarten. This teacher made a class for the eager five year olds. She had children in all eight grades. Because most 8th grade graduates who went to one room schools could not go to high school, she made classes for the last two years 8th grade students who were interested in more education.

The teacher was also the music teacher, drama teacher, art teacher, speech teacher, lunch room supervisor, custodian, disciplinarian and beloved trusted friend.

Della May Clifford
Garber, Oklahoma

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