Remembering Wood School, a One-Room Schoolhouse

Excited to start education in a one-room schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

At last I was six so I could go to school with my big brother and sister. We walked 1.25 miles to the "Wood Schoo1." In nice weather it seemed only a short walk as our friends joined us along the way. But, in winter the snow was often so deep that the big boys had to make a path for us until the crust got hard, then we all walked and slid on top.

Oh, that long underwear, warm bloomers, long stockings, button shoes, button leggings and boots. We took good care of the button hook!

My family taught me to read and do first grade arithmetic at home. So, the teacher gave me about 8 minutes a day to read to her. I loved it. Standing at her desk I read as fast as I could so I could have the next book.

Every spring for May Day the teacher would allow a group of us to go to the meadow where big, long-stemmed purple and white violets grew. We ate our lunch while picking a nice bouquet for the teacher and another to fill our May Baskets for Mother.

We had crayons and water paints and we loved to create beautiful pictures. We were very careful with crayons or colored pencils because there were only a few!

Once in a while the "Big Kids" made candy and popcorn for a 15 minute party.

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