Open Session

| January 2006

Watchful dog - What memories of childhood CAPPER'S brings! A reader made a passing reference to the Jewel Tea Company in a letter to Reader to Reader recently. I remember being on the farm and seeing the Jewel Tea truck drive in. Once, a Jewel Tea man drove in and my mother didn't make it to the door fast enough to holler at our dog, Mickey, who was a little sharp with strangers. As the man got out of the truck, the dog greeted him with a nip that took his pant leg off. My mother gave the man a pair of Dad's pants until he could reach town (about four miles away) to get another pair.

Bev Hall
Las Vegas

Tree climbing? - Recently, my 7-year-old grandson, Austin, came running into my house, exclaiming, 'Grandma, will you come and climb trees with me?'
I'm 69 years old. He made my day.

Gladys Ferrie
Cresco, Iowa

Put it in stitches - Getting only one CAPPER'S a month makes for a big issue. We were having trouble keeping ours together. When the first monthly issue arrived, I went to the sewing machine and sewed it down the middle. That worked wonderfully.

Norma Wilson
Topeka, Kan.

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