Open Session: January 2009

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| January 2009

  • Giant sweet potato
    Gifts of the garden: Our granddaughters – Hannah, 2, and Grace Pendleton, 5, of Spencer, Ind. – are holding a 7-pound sweet potato, which was grown in our garden. No fertilizer was used; it must have just liked where we grew it. The sweet potato made six pies and a batch of cookies. There was no waste to the potato. – John and Susie Forman, Lanesville, Ind.

  • Giant sweet potato

Quilting traditions – Reading about the quilt memories (“Sister sews memory of sibling into Christmas quilts for relatives,” December 2008) made me think that people might be interested in my family’s Christmas quilting tradition.

I cut 6-inch blocks, using mostly plain white material and Christmas prints. When the whole family gathers for Christmas everyone sews a block, then one of my daughters embroiders our signatures.

I make a quilt with the blocks, and then the next Christmas, we draw names to see who gets the family quilt.

Sometimes, I put in a block made from one of Dad’s shirts, Mom’s dresses, the baby’s dresses, or something else that is important to all of us.

I also go to thrift shops and look for material to make quilts for the homeless. It makes them happy to get a warm comforter.

Marcella Doles
Ray, Ohio

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