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| January/February 2010

  • Grandfather/Great-Grandson
    My husband, Dewayne May, had been sick for some time when our great-grandson, Braden May, was born. Dewayne couldn't wait to meet him, so we visited Braden when he was only 2 days old. Two weeks later, Dewayne passed away, happy that he had been able to meet Braden.
    Doris May - Browning, Missouri
  • Cherished Paper Dolls
    Cherished Paper Dolls

  • Grandfather/Great-Grandson
  • Cherished Paper Dolls

Cherished Paper Dolls

I read the paper doll article in CAPPER'S (Looking Back, "Gift Opened New Worlds," September/October 2009) and thought giving Betsy McCall paper dolls as a Halloween treat was a great idea.

I was born in 1928, so the paper dolls I collected came from the funny paper and consisted of the Dionne quintuplets, Shirley Temple, and characters from "Gone with the Wind." However, I did collect Betsy McCall paper dolls for my daughters, and my husband made the Betsy McCall doll house for them. Talk about being thrilled.

Unfortunately, the doll house got lost in the shuffle when we moved our family across the country, but the girls sure enjoyed it while they had it.

Dorothy Seager - Rodney, Michigan

We’re glad you enjoyed the article, Dorothy. It’s always nice to read about days gone by, and the story brought back some great memories for our staff as well. – Editors


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