Open Session: March 2009

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| March 2009

  • Dexter ceramics
    PRAISEWORTHY WORK: This piece, “Praise Him with Music,” features white porcelain angels on a mosaic background. It’s among the work I produced during 50 years of enjoying the exciting hobby of making ceramic sculptures. I’m 90 now, and 65 of those years I shared with my dear husband. We would occasionally attend art shows together, taking our younger children along. It was a great way to meet people and learn from their many comments about my work. I now live in an apartment and don’t have the space needed to create the sculpture. I can’t let my brain vegetate, though, so I began a new hobby: Writing! – Hope Dexter, Clintonville, Wis.

  • Dexter ceramics

From years gone by – I’ve been busy sorting through pictures so my children won’t have to do it when I’m gone.

Among the photographs, I have been finding some fascinating items from years gone by.

From CAPPER’S Weekly, Jan. 17, 1948, I found this:


Said the bread: “I’m feeling crusty, but they knead me, so I rise.”

Said the bacon: “I can’t save myself, in spite of many fries.”

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