Open Session: March/April 2010

What Readers Think

| March/April 2010

Pet duck

Loved Pet Duck: Grace with her pet duck at her familiy’s home in Uniontown, Ohio.

Grace Jackson - Marshallville, Ohio

Curious Reader

As a boy growing up on a farm in Minnesota in the 1930s, we got the magazine Capper’s Farmer regularly. There was also a roadside sign that advertised Farmer’s Insurance. Is there any connection between CAPPER'S of today and the Capper’s Farmer magazine of long ago?

Harold Emerson - Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

The only connection is that Arthur Capper was the owner and publisher of both magazines. The magazines were two different magazines. – Editors


Chokecherry Recipe

In the November/December 2009 issue, you printed an article on chokecherries ("Pucker Up"). At the end of the article, it says author Jerry Schleicher "hopes a jar of chokecherry jelly appears on his kitchen counter one of these days." However, you did not print a recipe for chokecherry jelly. We haven’t been able to find such a recipe for many years.

The Bensons - Illinois

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