Open Session: May/June 2010

What readers think.

| May/June 2010

Bob Walz

This photo of my brother, Bob Walz, on his horse was taken several years ago when he worked on a ranch.

Betty L. Dame - Whitehall, Michigan

Good Memories

For many years, my brother, Bob Walz, and I read Capper’s. We called each other every time we received an issue and discussed the articles. We especially enjoyed discussing the articles that brought back memories of our childhood days on the farm back in Kansas.

Bob passed away last November. The phone calls with my brother have ceased, but not the wonderful memories. I will continue reading Capper’s and wondering what he would have said about each article.

Thank you for reminding us of such pleasant memories over the years. I am really enjoying the new format. Keep up the good work.

Betty L. Dame - Whitehall, Michigan

We’re glad our articles helped you and Bob reminisce about your childhood, Betty, and we hope you continue to enjoy your Capper’s issues. – Editors


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