Open Session

| October 2005

Open Session: What readers think

- Courtesy of Rachel Jones

Little brown church - I have been reading CAPPER'S for 80 years. I remember going out and catching a hen so that my mother could pay the salesman for another year's subscription to CAPPER'S.

You print lots of good stories - many that I should have written to you about. I recently enjoyed reading about the Little Brown Church in Nashua, Iowa ('Historic church with connection to song celebrates 150 years,' June 7).

I wasn't married in the church, but my husband and I did spend a day of our honeymoon in it. I have sung the song 'The Church in the Wildwood' all of my life, it seems. It was our favorite song when I was in school.

Audra Eckard
Bethany, Mo.

World War II's end - In the July 5 issue, one of the Heart of the Home stories stated that World War II had ended when Japan surrendered on May 15, 1945 ('News announced by the wildcat').

This is not correct. I know, as I was one of a class of 18 that graduated from high school on May 8, 1945. These graduates were all so happy to be graduating - and while we were all happy to hear the war had ended, our graduation was hardly even recognized. We had gone through four years of high school, going without the many things teenagers of today take for granted. It was so nice to have peace.

Mrs. Leonard Wynkoop
Wyoming, Iowa

Editor's Note: On May 8, 1945, Germany signed a document offering their unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces, to take place at one minute past midnight on May 9. However, the official ratification of the Japanese surrender to the Allies didn't take place until Sept. 2, 1945. (An informal agreement of Japan's surrender had been announced by President Truman and celebrated in the United States Aug. 14.) We apologize for the error.

Kansas capitals - I enjoyed the article about all of the different capitals in Kansas ('State of Kansas brims with capitals,' May 10). The article missed a few, though, and the one I'm so fond of is in my hometown of Cawker City.

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