Open Session

| September 2005


Open Session: What readers think

Cow triplets - I very much like getting and reading CAPPER'S. While I was looking at different parts of the paper, I came upon a news item about a cow's triplet calves ('Cow gives birth to triplets,' June 21).

The next day, my daughter stopped by. Before I said anything about the item in CAPPER'S, I asked if she remembered that one of my Brown Swiss cows had triplets. She said that she did. I had the cow in a lot by the barn. When I went out to do chores, there she was with three heifer baby calves.

That was in 1941. In those days, I didn't think about telling anybody about it. I lived in Griswold, Iowa. They were all alive and husky.

Otis Blakely
Griswold, Iowa

Fake words - Your article 'Top Fake Words Ranked' (June 7) brought back a brief experience with fake word usage. Back in the 1970s, I was a civil engineer working for Phillips Petroleum Co. I was giving a briefing on a special environmental project to a group of other engineers and management personnel. I related that the problems involved were not as great as they had been reported. They had been 'extravagated.'

I used the word several times during the presentation, without any comments from anyone in the room. And everyone seemed to understand what I was saying.

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