Open Session: September/October 2009

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| September/October 2009

Depression Day Memories

My father passed away when I was 4 years old, and my mother worked night and day to support my siblings and me. She baked and decorated cakes for special occasions, sewed, raised a garden, and sold chicken fryers and eggs.

Back during the Great Depression, my mother was feeding the chickens one morning when a car pulled up in the yard. The man got out, walked over to my mom and said he was selling Capper’s. Mom said she’d like to subscribe but she didn’t have any money, so the man offered her a one-year subscription for a fryer chicken. What a deal!

Rowena Chase - Minden, Nebraska



Skeptic Likes New Format

I was dubious when I pulled my new Capper’s from my mailbox. Immediately I missed the familiar newspaper it had once been. I almost put it aside, untouched, but instead decided to give it a chance.

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