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| September/October 2010

July/August 2010 Cover

Loved Baby Chicks: The cover of the May/June issue reminded June of her childhood days on the farm.

Loved Baby Chicks

The photograph on the cover of your May/June issue reminded me of when I was a child and would ride to town with my mom in our 1936 International pickup to get boxes of baby chicks. Once we got them home, we would teach them to drink by dipping their little beaks in a bowl of water. They were always so fuzzy and cute. I loved to just sit and watch them.

Thinking about the chicks, of course, turned my thoughts to farm-fresh eggs. I recall listening as my mother explained to me how to tell when eggs were fresh – and when they weren’t. Mom’s sisters and our neighbors considered Mom an expert on eggs. She always said, “Whenever an egg white spreads out enough that the egg yolk sits there by itself, you know the egg is at least a week old. We don’t eat those; we dump ’em in the slop pail and feed ’em to the pigs!”

Thinking of the eggs then made me think of Mom’s cooking. She always used fresh egg whites to make angel food cake (which was the best angel food cake ever!), and she saved the egg yolks to make homemade noodles. However, she waited until the eggs were at least two or three days old before she would boil them for deviled eggs.

Life on the farm was truly educational.

June Murphy - Rio Rancho, New Mexico

What wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing them with us, June. You made us all hungry for angel food cake and homemade noodles. And you’re right. Farm life is definitely educational. – Editors

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