Open Session: What Readers Think

| April 2008

Music to our ears - I've been searching off and on for 15 years for piano sheet music for the Oklahoma Sunset Waltz, a hunt that took me to music libraries in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Illinois.

After my request for the sheet music appeared in your Reader to Reader section at the end of last year, a CAPPER'S reader in Oklahoma named Doris sent it to me. She remembered playing the song in the 1950s, and she wrote it down from memory.

My mother and her twin sister learned the piano duet in the 1920s in DeWitt, Neb. They are 95 years young and could play only a few measures by memory. Now, we have all the music for the waltz!

Virginia Stierwalt
Tolono, Ill.

Surprise roses - A sweet CAPPER'S story about a husband who surprised his wife with a dozen roses ('Hubby surprised wife with a dozen roses,' December 2007) reminded me of my surprise roses.

I'm in my 80s now, but I had never received a bouquet of roses - or even a single rose. My daughter, who lives in another state, ordered two dozen roses and told the growers to deliver them to me. She wanted to surprise me, so she gave directions to the person I live with to hide the package from me - but she didn't reveal that the package contained roses.

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