Open Session: What Readers Think

| August 2006

Drive-in theaters - I enjoyed the article about drive-in theaters ('Remembering the Drive-in Theater,' June). It brought back many memories.

Forty or so years ago, I'd pop a sack of popcorn, fix a jug of Kool-Aid, and get my three children in their pajamas. (That way, they would be ready for bed when we returned.) Then, off we'd go to the movies. It was a pleasant and cheap way to spend a summer evening. There was no television or air conditioning then!

That drive-in is still in operation outside of Paola, Kansas.

Eva Rae Walters
Paola, Kan.

Editor's Note: Walters sent a recent newspaper advertisement for the theater. We received a similar note and advertisement from Carman J. Gresham, of Bloomington, Ill., noting that a drive-in theater on the south side of Gibson City, Ill., was still in business.

Prizes clipping - A reader recently wrote in Open Session that she was honored to have received a check for her contribution to the magazine. I, too, have received a few CAPPER'S checks.

The first clipping I have from CAPPER'S is a treasure I'll always cherish. It's about a trip I took to Kansas, to spend Christmas with an elderly cousin who would otherwise have spent the holiday alone.

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