Open Session: What Readers Think

| December 2007

Cute cover - CAPPER'S has to be complimented for the photo on the front of the October issue, of Braden Slatter, all dressed up as a scarecrow for Halloween and waiting for a treat! I loved that pose so much, I framed it.

Nettie L. Frost
Apple Valley, Minn.



Lyrics online - I would like to respond to 'Searching the Web is a quick way to find song lyrics' (October). When I read it, it made me think of the many times an article, newscast or TV program says, 'Log on to www. …' Not having a computer, that's the end of knowing any more about the subject. Yes, you could go to the library, or ask family or a friend - I've asked too often.

I think a lot of your readers live on Social Security, and a computer is not in their budget. Even if it was, there are still the monthly fees and the cost of classes to be able to operate it. So, I think maybe this is why your readers need your help.

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