Open Session

| July 2006

Milk memories - The story about Tim and Laurel Iwig's dairy farm operation near Topeka, Kan., ('Family's milk operation reminiscent of a 1930s service,' April) reminded me of my first summer job in 1933. I graduated from Topeka High, and my mother found a job for me on a Jersey dairy farm a few miles north of Topeka. My job was taking care of the Jersey milk in the milk house. I washed all the bottles and then bottled the milk as it came from more than 100 Jersey cows. It was the only job from which I was ever fired. One morning I complained because the breakfast was just feed from the barn and skim milk.

I had received $10 a month and room and board for that job. I went to an employment agent and found a new job on another farm for $20 a month. There, I delivered the milk, so it was a much better deal. A few months later, I went to work for a grocer as the delivery boy. I received $10 a week and stayed at home. After a couple of years, I went to school at Kansas State University.

R. Eugene Strunk
Tucson, Ariz.

Dog-gone tired - My grandson Charles 'C.J.' Sukley was playing when he became tired. He laid down and went to sleep. Scruffy watched over him.

Joe Theurer
Harrisburg, Pa.

Enjoys serial stories - I am 88 and enjoy the short stories you print which are 'continued.' They help me remember Mother and Daddy.

When I was 5 or 6 years old and living on a 500-acre farm in Chetopa, Kan., Daddy would come in with the mail.

'Mommy,' he'd ask, 'we're having supper a little early?'

'Yes,' Mother would say, 'as it is story-reading night.'

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