Open Session: What Readers Think

| July 2008

Thankful for noisy birds - I was always told blue jays and crows were good for nothing, and I just thought they were noisy birds. Now, though, I realize that is wrong.

Many a day, the yelling of blue jays and crows has saved the lives of our chickens, which we let run loose instead of penning up.

It took us a few years to realize this. Now, when those birds yell, we go look, and - sure enough - there is something around trying to get at our chickens.

One summer, we were outside working, and all day long the blue jays yelled. We looked everywhere and couldn't see anything wrong.

At 4 o'clock, the birds were still yelling and sitting on the chicken yard fence. By then, I was tired of hearing them and went out to see what was going on.

Two or three blue jays were sitting and flying around, looking up in the air. I looked up, too, but didn't see anything. So, I walked around and looked in a tree, and there was the biggest snake I had ever seen, crawling up to a bird's nest.

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