Open Session

| March 2006

Polio insurance - I can remember CAPPER'S being in our home and a salesman would come and take a chicken or an old battery to pay for a subscription. I can also remember the patterns being so cheap - 10 cents and 25 cents.

Years later, I was a mother with children, and a CAPPER'S salesman came one morning selling polio insurance - it was 1951 or 1952. In October 1952, our 5-year-old daughter had polio and spent eight days at K.U. Medical Center. The doctor bills and hospital bills were close to $600, and Capper's Insurance paid all of them except for a 60-cent phone call.

I have always been glad we took the insurance. This daughter and I still share CAPPER'S and then pass it on.

Hazel Prothe
Cleveland, Mo.

The right husband - I'm writing to let you know the good feelings I have in reading CAPPER'S. The articles are interesting and well-written, using language of which I approve - with no swearing or insinuating references. Now, I've had my say. It's about me; I am celebrating my 90th birthday soon.

I still drive, volunteer in two libraries and am a doorman at church. And I'm happily married. My wife is pleased that I greet some ladies in church with a hug. She says, 'I know it is better to have a husband whom ladies like, than to have one whom they detest.'

Lawrence Holeman
Inverness, Fla.

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