Open Session: What Readers Think

| May 2008

Beautiful writing - I'm writing in regard to the woman from Marysville, Kan., who wrote of her love of living a farm life with her husband ('Simplicity made up lifetime of romance,' February). That was beautiful!

Jean Sorensen
Aurora, Neb.

Remember Mom Day - I'm surrounded by living proof that many wives have daily routines that could try anyone's patience. On either side of me live young families with wives who manage to combine keeping house, working two jobs, and staying socially active after working hours. My husband and I marvel at the pace and endurance of these mothers, who take two jobs in stride and complain only about the bad weather.

One of the wives works in an office and also peddles cosmetics after hours for extra money. She attends church and club functions as well, to stay in the social flow. Her young children have an excellent role model.

The other housewife has a factory position, and she thinks nothing of wearing herself out physically as she works toward amassing money for a family vacation and gifts for less-­fortunate relatives. She manages to go to her health club once a week, where she unwinds by lifting weights, trotting in place, and taking a steam bath to roll off those dreadful calories.

A lot of busy wives work two jobs both to bring in extra bucks and to stay physically fit. Not long ago, I read in a women's magazine that helpful wives with two jobs and a sense of humor make harmony and extra money a household miracle. Those wives also fix the family meals and see that needed vitamins are taken to build rosy cheeks.

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