Open Session: What Readers Think

| November 2006


Beautiful language - What a delightful column by Dennis McLaughlin (Editor's Notebook, September). I agree wholeheartedly that the 'English language retains its beauty.'

One of my earliest and most fascinating memories is trying to decipher the printed word. It was impossible for me to convince my mother to let me begin school a year earlier than was allowed. (There was no kindergarten at that time. How I wanted to walk more than two miles to that little one-room schoolhouse!)

After earning several teaching degrees, I taught language arts to all ages - from 5 to 80. Even today, I get excited about written language: how words sound, their spelling, their meanings and the context in which they are used.

Thanks so much for putting my thoughts into words. It's been more than 60 years since my first day of school, and I was as pleased as anyone could be to read a column promoting reading. You made my day!

Pat Bollinger
Marble Hill, Mo.

Eye-catching quote - In your September 2006 issue, one of the quotes you published caught my eye: 'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.'

My family has had other pets, but it's because we had Zorra, a black German shepherd, given to us by our older son, that I can thoroughly relate to this quote. I truly loved Zorra because she made me love her while she loved back unconditionally.

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