Open Session: What Readers Think

| November 2007

Honored - I was looking in my collection of old family papers, and I found an article about my great-grandmother Mary E. Ryan, who was honored by CAPPER'S Weekly in 1937 and '38 by Sen. Arthur Capper.

Loralee Billups
Ridgeway, Mo.

Editor's note: Billups enclosed a newspaper clipping that noted that Mary Ryan, who married and became Mary McCabe, was named 'America's Champion Mother' by CAPPER'S Weekly in 1937, and received a certificate from Sen. Arthur Capper.

McCabe, who lived on a farm in Bluffton township, Iowa, had 198 descendents then, and she was again recognized by the magazine as 'America's Champion Mother' the next year, when she had 209 descendents.

- Courtesy of Kansas Authors Club

Clip it - Your readers might be interested in a way to keep issues of CAPPER'S together while reading it. I knew one woman who sewed down the center with a needle and thread, but this is much easier.

Get two large, 2-inch paper clips, open the magazine to the center and fasten the paper clips to the back pages, top and bottom, near the center fold.

When you've read from front to center, move the clips to the other side of the fold.

Mildred Dennis
Poplar Bluff, Mo.


Longtime reader - I think I have taken CAPPER'S as long as anyone. My parents had it at home. My husband and I married in 1927, and there wasn't enough money to pay for a subscription, so we gave three old setting hens for payment. I have used recipes, hints and even crochet patterns from CAPPER'S. The stories, I wait till they end, then I read them.

My son, who lives in Harvard, Ill., came home one time and saw the paper, so he had to order it, too, as he missed it.

Rena Hanson
Ruthven, Iowa

Helpful for school - My folks living in Oklahoma in the 1920s took CAPPER'S WEEKLY. I got a lot of information for my science class in grade school from it. I missed a few years in the '40s, but I have taken it since. I really enjoy reading the stories.

Nellie Lohrding
Coldwater, Kan.

Editor's note: A contributor to the Space Place section in the October issue was misidentified. The dog artwork there was created by Michaela Elsbernd, 9, of St. Paul, Kan.

Some memorable music - My granddaughter, Nina Harkrider, 5, won the title of 'Little Miss Gladfest' early last fall at Gladfest in Gladstone, Mo., by singing You are my Sunshine.

Tears were in my eyes as I heard her sing it. At 76 years old, it took me back in time.

Jake Wilcox, 5, sang The Hammer Song to win the title of 'Little Mister Gladfest.' They sat together on the back seat of a Dodge Viper convertible in the festival's parade.

Loraine Contorno
Gladstone, Mo.

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