Open Session: What Readers Think

| September 2006

Grandmotherly love - I've just reread the May issue, and I was especially touched by the Tennessee grandmother who does not live close to her only grandchild, but hopes that her love is an influence ('Hopes her love has made a difference,' Heart of the Home). Being an old grandchild myself, I assure you that possibility is as real as daylight. My 'Mama' and I always lived 150 miles apart. Once or twice as a child, I got to spend the summer with her. Wonderful! Always we wrote, telephoned and took the Greyhound bus. She was always my greatest admirer, and I hers.

I pause often by a group of treasured photos, all of my childhood family. However, the sole picture on my bedside table is of Mama, the mother to my precious mother, and the glorious grandmother to me. Love lives on.

Shirley T. Sanders

A family tradition - My grandfather always subscribed to CAPPER'S WEEKLY in the 1920s, and then my parents started subscribing. I remember my mother read serial stories by Grace Livingston Hill the evening after getting our issue. We always looked forward to that.

Then, in 1935, my parents subscribed for my husband and me, and I have continued it ever since. I still look forward to receiving such a nice, clean paper every month.

Natalie Allen
Fair Grove, Mo.

Strange bird encounter - I am a crippled old dude of 90, and a longtime reader of CAPPER'S. I was very moved by your heart-touching story about Bill Lytle, the man diagnosed with pancreatic cancer who befriended a goose, Mr. Waddles ('Visits with cantankerous goose keep man going,' June). One can never outguess the sharpness, alertness and unexpectedness of the action of animals and birds. They're full of surprises.

Mr. Lytle is so blessed by having Mr. Waddles to provide a caring, concerned buddy's love and companionship. I pray the two closely bonded friends will be together for a long time and that their friendship grows even closer as the days go by.

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