Open Session: What Readers Think

| September 2007

Walking the sow - I always like the stories people send in to CAPPER'S, as they bring back many memories. The stories on ways people earned money years ago (Heart of the Home, July) reminded me of a job no one else mentioned.

My oldest brother, John, had a pregnant prize sow he was taking to the fair for 4-H. He was working for other farmers to earn money for college, and he had no time to exercise his sow, so he hired my brother, Reg, 9, and me, 7, to walk it out to the pasture on nice days.

It had been trained to show at the fair. We each had a long stick, and walking on either side of the sow, we guided it with the sticks. We'd let it stop and eat grass as it wished, then, guiding it with the sticks, we'd turn the sow around and bring it back to its pen.

For this, we each got 5 cents. This memory is very special, because John was killed on Okinawa in 1945, during World War II.

Helen Franzen
West Union, Iowa


Favorite issue - Kudos to you for the most interesting edition of CAPPER'S ever! The June issue had many unique articles, particularly the Heart of the Home stories about songs that are true classics - the kind that will live forever. The article about the 'Don't complain' bracelets ('Pastor urges folks to quit complaining') was a long-needed reminder for all of us.Please keep up the excellent work on your better-than-ever publication.

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