Opening Cattle Country Caused Resentment

Settler fought off upset cowboy with a hatchet to win right to settle in cattle country.

| Good Old Days

When the Comanche Pool cattle country opened for settlement, Father went to this new territory. One day he was staking out a place near Coldwater, Kansas, where the half-dugout was to be located when a cowboy rode up. The cattlemen resented the encroachment of the farmers.

"What are you doing?" queried the cowboy.

"Planning to build a house," replied Father.

"You'd better move on," said the cowboy, cradling his gun in his arm. "You're not wanted here, and it won't be healthy for you to stay."

Father was quietly winding up the twine with which he had been measuring for the foundation. He said, "You'd give a fellow time to gather up his things, wouldn't you?"

"Sure. Get busy."

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