Chickens in the Outhouse

Couple keeps chickens in the outhouse, and it provides shelter from a storm.

| Good Old Days

During the war in 1944 we bought our first house out in the country. All we had was a shell of a house and an outhouse. 

A friend gave us a hen with twelve baby chickens, and the only place we had to keep them was in the outhouse.

One night a violent thunderstorm came up, the lightning and thunder was terrific and the wind blew a gale. I was looking out the window and saw the outhouse turn over.

I spoke to my husband tearfully, "The outhouse just blew over, all my baby chickens will drown."

We rushed out in our night clothes, and after lifting the heavy building, we found mama and babies still in their box just a little damp. They spent the rest of the night in the house with us. 

E.R. Raber
Benton, Arkansas

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