Boy Falls Into Outhouse Hole

A boy sees chicken eggs in the outhouse hole and gets a surprise when he leans too far in.

| Good Old Days

It was the rule to keep the door open when not in use, partly to keep it aired and partly so others would know it was not in use. 

Often hens would go in there, go down into the opening and make a nest on the ledge that extended all around, with the cavity in the center then flyaway through the open door. Only Dad could reach far enough to retrieve the eggs.

My five year-old cousin wandered into the outhouse and, ignoring the small seat, he decided to try the big two-holer.

Looking down he noticed the eggs and decided to bring them to Grandma, climbed up on the big seat and leaning over lost his balance and fell into the pit underneath. Luckily, it had been cleaned recently, but still had been used several times since. 

His screams brought the household running and when his Mother saw he was not hurt she said, "Throw him back. He's not worth cleaning!"

Ruth Christopher
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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