Outhouse Wedding Mishap

A wedding attendant loses a shoe in the outhouse.

| Good Old Days

In the fall of 1932, my date and I, and another couple, went to an old-fashioned charivari (shivaree) of our friends who had just been married.

After a lengthy time of yelling, beating old tubs and pans with sticks, making the usual noises made at charivaris, my girlfriend and I went to the outhouse to flip some gravel out of my shoes - flip they did! One shoe flipped down the toilet seat hole!

My girlfriend went to get our boyfriends and they retrieved the shoe, took it to the pond and washed it thoroughly!

I accepted the wet, still "highly perfumed" shoe with a red face and total embarrassment!

Now, after fifty-plus years later whenever I see my old boyfriend and his lovely wife, he winks at me, then glances down to my feet!

Mary Tate
Springfield, Missouri

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