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| Early Spring 2016

Farmstead Plans that Save Steps

By Ivan D. Wood

In Cass County, Nebraska, on the Omaha-Kansas City road, you may see a well-designed brick house placed on a rise of ground about 100 feet from the highway. It is the home of E.H. Spangler, and the latch string always is out to visitors. Visitors come because this place seems to invite them.

Should you drive into the yard, something would tell you that this farmstead is different from the usual run. It was carefully planned before a foundation was laid. Each building seems to be just suited to its location. Mr. Spangler spent many hours deciding what the arrangement should be. He had one advantage, however, which many do not have: He could start and build everything new.

Alex Lind, Madison, County, Nebraska, moved to a new place a year ago and found that he must have new buildings, but also must use some of the old ones.

Here was a problem which could not be solved in a minute. Leaving an old building here and there, yet working in a few new ones with lots, scales, stackyards and sheds, requires the most careful thinking and planning if a convenient unit is to result.

W.D. Glandon, Burt County, Nebraska, has spent odd times for more than a year working out a new plan for his building and yard arrangement. It is a splendid piece of work, too, and last summer he saw his dreams come true – new lots, new gates in the right place, and remodeled buildings which are convenient.

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