Paradise Found Between Home and One-Room Schoolhouse

Many temptations found on walk to one-room schoolhouse.

| Good Old Days

First, let me set the stage for a six-year-old's very first day of school. My one-room schoolhouse was located approximately one mile from our small hired hand's farmhouse. In between our house and the schoolhouse there were umpteen places for a six-year-old to explore. Trees just went on forever, two streams and one small pond. Paradise found.

This setting created a lot of problems for an explorer like me and my dog, Pal, as we started on that very first day of school in 1928.

I was proud as a peacock as I dressed in my brand new Sears Roebuck overalls, a blue shirt, and shoes that needed breaking in. They squeaked when I walked. Mom says, "Now you go straight to school and no dallying along the way."

Well, dallying and I just went hand in hand, especially with my dog, Pal, accompanying me.

We hadn't gone a quarter mile when a skunk ran across the road ahead of Pal and me. Well now, Pal took after that skunk like a cat after a mouse. The skunk ran into a large culvert that went under the road, and Pal was right behind him. I headed for the other end of the culvert and we had him trapped, or so I thought.

I looked into the murky culvert and here they came right at me. Pal was right behind the skunk barking like mad. The skunk was spraying scent every which way as he ran right between my legs and off into the timber, with Pal right behind him.

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